A Project for a Cleaner and Greener PR

We are a nonprofit organization based in Puerto Rico that started in 2018 as a call to action due to the improper waste management seen across various coastal communities on the island.  We began by coordinating coastal cleanup events and establishing infrastructure for responsible waste disposal and recycling in Piñones, Loíza. Like many coastal communities on the island, Piñones is a place of great ecological and cultural value. 

At the same time, the ecosystems of most coastal communities are heavily impacted by high waste production, coupled with improper disposal and a lack of integrated systems for waste management. A person in Puerto Rico produces 5.5 pounds of waste per day on average, and by 2012 only 12-14 % of this waste was deviated from landfills via recycling.  

Puerto Rico needs integrated waste management systems that promote waste reduction, and infrastructure that provides the opportunity for all citizens to participate and take responsibility. We know that education alongside multi-sector collaboration are key to achieving this.  LimPiaR is committed to addressing these needs one community at a time.

We are all being called to care for the beauty and quality of the natural resources that we love and depend on.

We hope to count on your support!

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