To advance practices for sustainable materials management and raise ecological awareness through education.


A clean and sustainable Puerto Rico where everyone is ecologically aware and all sectors care for our natural resources.


We coordinate waste reduction and education programs, build networks of collaboration across sectors, and host coastal cleanup events.

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Sponsors and Corporate Allies

We care for the

resources that 

sustain life


We take care of water and all aquatic ecosystems by managing solid waste responsibly.


Reducing the amount of waste we generate contributes to better air quality by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.


By preserving soil quality via proper waste management we are caring for the basis of our food chain.


The quality of the food that we eat depends on healthy and clean water, air, and soils. What we put into these resources ends up in our bodies.

What We Value

Biophilia - "love for life"

Direct felt experience in nature encourages an emotional connection with it, from which ecological responsibility flourishes.


From corporations to individuals, we are all responsible for the ways our actions affect our social and natural environments.


Awareness and knowledge are the foundations to act on behalf of our communities and environment.


We believe in working together to identify strategies that benefit all members of the community, regardless of age, gender, or racial identities.

Civic Engagement

Aware and committed citizens have the power to transform a problem into a beneficial opportunity.

Ecological Awareness

Understanding the interdependence between social and natural ecosystems is critical for the sustainability of human life on Earth.

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Join the local food waste reduction movement by subscribing to TAIS composting services and LimPiaR will receive 20% of your purchase total.  


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